I found Sam on, and he seemed like a perfect fit. After meeting him and seeing what a sweet, calm boy he was, we knew he was coming home with us that day. Though he was a little shy at first, his personality started to shine through, and we have fallen in love with him hard and fast. He’s always showered with love and attention, and constantly getting scooped up and cuddled. Honestly, he couldn’t be happier than when he’s sleeping next to us in bed or on the couch. In fact, he never lets me out of his sight now; he just wants to be close by all the time. He might be older, but he still loves his daily walks, and can get really playful with soft squeaky toys.  He’s always excited to chow down on kibble or treats, and but he especially loves getting a long drink of water. He brings so much joy, warmth, and love into our home, and we can’t imagine life without him now. It was incredible how many friends and family members admired our decision to get a senior dog, as they know the sad truth that they can get passed over too often. Unfortunately, there are still too many who have preconceived notions about adopting older dogs, but we are so lucky to have rescues like Must Love Dogs that gives dogs like Sam another chance. I am so thankful they saw that Sam had more life and love to share. I couldn’t feel more blessed to be Sam’s new mom, and to give him the loving home he deserves after the hardships he’s faced. I can’t thank Must Love Dogs enough for saving this sweet old soul, and bringing us together. They were wonderful to work with, even checking in with me about Sam after I brought him home. They do truly admirable work, and clearly care very deeply for the well-being of these animals.  Thank you