Rocco-now Riker

Our family had recently lost our beloved Pit Bull Gimli, and after a few weeks we knew it was time to start searching for a new sibling for our other dog Daisy. We were pretty particular about our requirements; must like cats, must be older, must be a Pit Bull/or Pit mix, and must be respectful of Daisy. Daisy has separation anxiety, and does much better with a canine companion with her at home while we’re at work. Daisy is also a bit selective about her dog friends, she’s a 10-year-old German Shepherd mix, and she doesn’t like rough & tumble play. We had a couple meet and greets that didn’t go well at all, so I resumed the search. I saw Riker (fka Rocco) on and knew that we had to meet him. His bio and age sounded like a great fit!

Our meet and greet with Daisy went very well; he was respectful of her, and we immediately fell in love with him. The following weekend I picked him up to become a forever part of our family. We did a slow integration with Daisy and the 2 cats, and everything went great. He settled in quickly, and before we knew it seemed like he’d been living with us forever. My husband and I both love Sci Fi, so we decided to re-name him Riker after William T Riker from Star Trek TNG. We wanted to keep a hard R name, so that the transition wouldn’t be too difficult for him.

We have 5 fenced acres in a rural are for him and Daisy and the cats to run and play in, and he seems pretty darn happy out here. We’ve been introducing him (across the fencing) to our 6 goats, and all he wants to do is play with them. We haven’t introduced them in person yet, but we will be soon. Just recently, the cows on the property behind us came to visit and he also wanted to play with them! They touched noses, and the cows gave him some licks. We also have a 11 week old Rottweiler puppy next door and he loves playing with her, and is very gentle.

He is the sweetest snuggle bug, and is a 75 pound lap dog (as are all Pit Bulls). He’s always in one of our laps while on the couch, and has firmly established his spot right in the middle of the king sized bed at night (Daisy prefers the foot of the bed, or under the covers on my side). He is so fun, goofy, and playful; one would never guess that he is 9 years old! He has the sweetest personality, and we love him to pieces. I seriously could not have requested a better ‘custom order’ dog if I had tried! Riker is the perfect fit for our family, and we are forever grateful to Must Love Dogs NW for bringing this amazing sweet perfect boy into our lives.