As told by Sarah Cowgill, Board Member of Must Love Dogs NW

“Bob came to me as a foster dog and little was known about his previous life, but that he was approximately 9 years old and a Golden Retriever/Bassett Hound mix. ¬†From the second I encountered Bob I was amazed by his sweet temper and gentle soul. He was the ultimate gentleman. He fit right into my pack of rescue dogs. He made a few outings the first month of his fostering to adoption events. Every potential adopter who met him was charmed by his personality and low-riding shape, but no one seemed particularly interested in adopting an older dog. That first month I fell in love with him as I fostered him and it was inevitable that I would adopt him from Must Love Dogs NW. Bob was the consummate gentleman of the household. He never barked. He always seemed to have a smile on his face. He was Bobhappy to be included in the daily treat-giving, but never presumed too much. He was thrilled to take road trips to the beach and is pictured here at Manzanita with my mother.

Unfortunately, a little over a year after I adopted him, Bob was diagnosed with a hemangiosarcoma of his spleen. One of the X-rays before the diagnosis showed buckshot in his chest wall. This broke my heart to imagine what Bob had been through before I adopted him. I loved Bob for another several months until he stopped enjoying his food and had trouble moving. Bob taught me the joy of loving a senior, rescue dog and I have Must Love Dogs NW to thank for bringing him into my life.”