Hey guys! Last year I was very shy and didn’t say much for myself. I was in a situation where myself, Bella and our new litter of puppies needed a new home, and I came to the loving folks at Must Love Dogs NW. After my medical care was up to date I went to a foster home until I was adopted by my forever family. My foster mom, Stephanie, was advertising me like crazy for the first week or so and then, I started getting new toys, beds and accessories and then I found out I was being adopted by my foster mom and I was here to stay! In the past year, I have learned so much! I have gained a lot of confidence and even learned a couple tricks! I love playing with other dogs (and even cats!) and I think little kids are really cool and they seem to like me too! I love car rides and supervising gardening projects. I also recently became accepted to be a canine blood donor. I am so happy that MLDNW and the doctors and staff at Mt. View Veterinary Hospital helped me start a new happy chapter in my life!

-Eddie (and Steph)