I wanted to share our story. After years of endless discussions about getting our first dog, we finally took the plunge. We did a ton of research but in the end it came down to reading through the dogs available for adoption through Must Love Dogs NW. We saw Bella’s ad and there were photos of a 10-month-old pitbull-black lab mix playing with a hose and trying to catch the water. It was the cutest picture ever! That night I emailed back and forth with Jen, Bella’s foster mom, and knew immediately we had to meet this dog!

We met Bella. We had reservations about a pit bull but that was just because we didn’t know anything really about the breed and had just heard the negative stereotypes in social media. We are SO glad we ignored those misrepresentations and met Bella! Bella had some abuse and/or neglect in her past. She was very nervous and frightened around men, so she wouldn’t come near my husband during that first meeting. But by the end of the visit she was warming up to us. We couldn’t pick Bella up for a few weeks, so after we agreed to adopt her, Jen worked diligently with training and socialization and it was almost like a new dog a month later when we picked her up!!

Bella has been an amazing addition to our family and we can’t imagine not having her in our lives. She LOVES running, going for walks, playing in the backyard and hiking. We go hiking a lot and Bella always comes!

​ She loves hiking and exploring and is very well-behaved now. :)​ We had a baby last year and Bella took to Logan immediately. She loves her little human. Logan is now 15 months old and just learning how to throw the ball for Bella to get it. 🙂 Bella is a 55-pound lap dog who loves to cuddle, is very protective of her family, and the best decision we made!

-Lisa, Michael, Logan & Bella