Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Why is your adoption process so different from other organizations?

    A: Unlike traditional shelters, Must Love Dogs NW doesn’t adopt our dogs out on a first come first serve basis. We rely on volunteer foster homes for the pups in our program allowing us to specialize in individual hands-on rehabilitation and rehoming. For those dogs who stay with their current owners prior to adoption due to a lack of available foster homes, we use our evaluation to discuss needs and training options while awaiting their forever home.  Throughout this process, we interview every family interested and choose the best fit for the dog. We want to make sure we find the perfect family for each dog and that you get the best dog for your lifestyle.

  • Q. What are some of the reasons dogs come into your program?

    A: There are many different reasons an owner would elect to surrender their dog with us. Sometimes its due to lifestyle changes such as a new baby coming into the picture, owner needing to move, divorces, or financial hardships. A dog may be surrendered due to behavioral concerns or health changes.  No matter the reason, at MLDNW we do our absolute best to give each the specialized care and attention they require so they can find their perfect forever home.

  • Q. Do you provide any spay/neuter services for the public?

    A: Yes! We believe that a primary way to solve pet homelessness is to prevent unwanted/unnecessary litters. We established our Spay/Neuter Assistance Program to help families in need pay for their pet’s surgeries. This grant is available on a first come, first serve basis for up to 10 families per month. The surgeries are performed at one of our veterinary partners and we ask for a minimum $35 donation. If you or someone you know is in need of financial assistance please fill out our Grant Request form.

  • Q. I found a stray dog can I bring it to you?

    A: No. We are a foster home network, not a typical shelter and cannot take in stray dogs. If the animal has no id tags, you should contact your local humane society or animal control office whom can scan the dog for a microchip and house the dog until the owner is located. We are only able to rehome pets whose owners have signed a release form or have been with the finder until the holding period for strays (as specified by state or local laws) has expired and the finder has made an attempt to reunite the animal with their original owner. For more information on strays, see the Humane Society website.

  • Q. What if I adopt a dog and it doesn’t work out?

    A: Must Love Dogs NW is very successful at rehoming dogs to “forever” homes, but on the rare occasion an adoption may not work out. MLDNW makes every effort to take the pet back into the program but is not required to if there is not a foster home available. If no foster home is available, owner may try to rehome pet privately or list with MLDNW as “owner placement” while waiting for a foster home to open again.

  • Q. Do you adopt to renters?

    A: Yes! We look for the best home for the dogs we help, taking into account their needs for home size, fenced yards or green space, the level of foot traffic, and much more. We also require landlord contact information and abide by any breed or size restrictions they have at the rental.

  • Q. I'm looking for a specific breed or a puppy. How often do you get specific breeds or puppies?

    A: Our list of adoptable dogs can really vary. We take dogs of all ages and all breeds. They best way to stay informed is to follow us on facebook or become a volunteer!